Why you should choose us?

We are on the market since 2018 and we will continue our work for very long time. Probably the most important thing - we also make private crashers (for personal usage of course).

We are making new crashers and testing our own protection all the time to fix any new crashers, when there's a new crasher, we can fix it immediately.

Our resources such as Aegis and SpigotGuard DO NOT affect server performance, it works just like it would not be there while providing the best protection.

If you have any problems, just contact us on discord with over 4,500+ members and we help you in less than 30 minutes.

If you want to test our products before buying it, just contact me: yooniks#0289, I will give you ip of my own server and other servers using our protection.

We are doing updates frequently and fixing any bugs as fast as possible. We also add new features from suggestions on our discord.